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Woodwork CoverThe making of a pedestal leg refectory table. A photo essay, with some text, illustrating stages in the construction of this oak table.
Refectory Table Small

Roof bevels/ mitres.
Drawing method to ascertain hip length, bevel cuts and mitres for hipped roofs and pyramids.

Making Tambours.  
A description of manufacturing the tambour for the cabinet Torpedore.

Drawer Making Notes.
A discussion and illustrations of some drawer making techniques and issues. This is not intended as a comprehensive or definitive treatise on drawer making, but does provide information to consider for a drawer making task.

Edge Joints and Appearance Considerations for Solid Wood Panels. A discussion of edge joinery in solid wood panels taking into account a limited selection of wood movement and appearance considerations.

Determining Wood Moisture Content Using a Microwave Oven. Sometimes it's useful to accurately establish the moisture content in a piece of wood. The oven drying test is the standard by which all other methods of measuring wood moisture content are judged against. This short article describes a method of oven drying using the microwave oven instead of a regular oven.

Flattening Veneers. Click here for a  printable 320 kb PDF document that opens in a new window. Alternatively click here for a low resolution (11 kb) HTML web page. The same information is in each version and describe methods for flattening rippled and contrary veneers prior to cutting and taping edge joints and/or gluing them down onto a prepared ground.

Laminate Springback. A short and small PDF document, less than 50 kb, providing some formulae I've gathered over the years that attempt to accurately calculate the springback you can or might expect if you do laminated bends in wood. I don't give any of them much credence, but I believe it's useful to be aware of them.

Using Drafting Tape to Join Veneer Edges. Is this a technique you can use? A report on an experiment I conducted using drafting tape and masking tape to join the prepared edges of veneer prior to gluing the veneer down using a heated hydraulic press.

A Lesson in Sharpening. I swear with my hand on Ernest Joyce's holy tome, the 1970 British third edition of The Technique of Furniture Making, that every word in this story about my induction into the "Dark Arts" of chisel and plane sharpening is the truth.

An Unusual Polishing Technique for Open Grained Woods. A white oak table top with a blue grey background and green grain filler.

Graduate Drawer Cabinet  hosted by WoodCentral. When I made this cabinet I simply called it cabinet 73-- I hadn't thought of a name for it at the time.

The Double Twisted Dovetail. How to mark it and cut it. This joint is also frequently known as a Japanese sunrise dovetail.
Twisted Dovetail
Ripping long boards on the table saw. Authored by Barb Siddiqui. I was asked to add comments on techniques she discussed. Hosted by WoodCentral.

magic-school-bus/msb-1-18The Magic School Bus: Inside the Earth. Shortly after I moved to Texas in 1993 I was offered the post of Workshop Manager at The Children's Museum of Houston. As a recent immigrant it gave me  the chance to find my feet in the city and make connections for the future. My main responsibility during this employment was managing the construction of a matching pair of this travelling exhibition.

Journal or Magazine Articles

For several years I wrote on woodworking subjects for journals and magazines, but eventually stopped because I felt rather constrained by a combination of writing within most publishers' preferred format of short illustrated 2,000 - 3,000 word articles that were usually quite poorly remunerated for considerable effort on my part. I enjoy writing for its own sake, and I also enjoy photography so it was a natural fit to combine these two interests with my profession as a furniture designer and maker. When I eventually stopped writing articles my writing urge turned towards working in a longer format, and this allowed me to explore and discuss subjects in greater detail and depth with one major result being my book Cut & Dried: A Woodworker's Guide to Timber Technology published by Lost Art Press.
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  • 2003, March, Bedded Bliss, Part 2, Furniture & Cabinetmaking, Issue 74
  • 2003, January l, And so to bed… Part 1. Furniture & Cabinetmaking, Issue 72
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